Brainstorm of Titles

This week while we’re polishing the prototype, we decided to discuss something that relates to the origin of the game: the names we considered for our game.

After a week of brainstorming during which we had buckets of fun (!) we came up with a number of suitable names, but we wanted to get the best one for our game, so we hastily create a marking system and put the names to the vote. At the time there were only three of us, so it was easy to vote for each name with a number between 0 and 10 and compare the total scores.

Here is a chart detailing our first vote (we used our favourite colours to mark our votes).


When we were done with our first vote, we further discussed the meanings of the titles, as well as other possible side effects they could cause: abbreviations, associations with other words or games and so on. We removed a few of the names from the list, added a new one (Vademon) and voted again!


The results pointed at an undisputed winner: Overshoot.

A few days later we got a few pieces of feedback about the fact that Overshoot sounds like it involves firearms. Furthermore, the point of the game is to cast spells in weird angles!

Thus, our final title: OverCast.

Which name sounds best to you?  Let us know on the blog, website forums or Facebook!

Animation, Controls and Movement

Hello everyone! This week we are discussing the controls and animation in our game.

Before we get to the point, let me draw your attention to our brand new website and forum!

The basic controlls are as follows:
W, A, S, D: Run.
Spacebar: Jump. This costs a little stamina, so bunny hopping will hopefully be discouraged.
Double tap W, A, S or D: Dodge. This can be done mid-air too! This also costs stamina.
Shift+W: Sprint. This depletes your stamina as you are sprinting.
Shift+W+C: Initiate slide. This also costs a bit of stamina, but is badass. The downside is that while sliding one cannot change their direction of movement.

Also be sure to check out our video of our animations! Please keep in mind what you see is in a very early pre-alpha stage, so models, textures, animations, movement speed and pretty much everything else will most probably change.