Nucleolus Games

Hello, we are a group of game designers, programmers, and animators and as you might have concluded we have decided to create an awesome game!

Since we are all fans of e-sports (we feel that video games are more fun if you play them with friends and even more fun if you play them competitively) game concepts with competitive gameplay came naturally to us. The idea of creating a fun and fast-paced player versus player third person shooter game was the basis around which the rest of the game mechanics were structured.

The first question we had to answer was what kind of setting we preferred, what theme we were comfortable working with. The idea of creating a game based on modern or sci-fi weaponry did not really excite us, though we do enjoy playing them. Additionally we really like fantasy settings! So a gladiator themed setting in a fantasy world was decided to be a very attractive idea. We also like really huge explosions and impressive combat. The main candidates that could fill this role in a fantasy setting were obviously wizards. So there it was: wizards weaving destructive spells while fighting each other in an arena! It sounded good so we started building on it.

The game is about raining spells on your opponent.  Synergies, buffs, and tactic play will have a major role in one’s success. Energy shields and spells of various aspects and different properties will be used to snare your opponent in huge arenas filled by a cheering crowd.

The brainstorming process was really fun; we constantly threw ideas at each other and tried to write down everything we felt was a cool concept. Having wizard gladiators in player versus player matches was the stepping stone on our creating process. We felt we needed to build on that so we did research on wizards. And what are wizards best known for? They can bend reality around them. Thus, our spellcaster-gladiators can curve their spells to whatever angle they want. This allows them to target and hit their opponents who are hiding behind obstacles.

In the end this is what our concept ended up being: a third-person highly competitive shooter game with social elements, where players can customize their spells and even change their trajectory dynamically.

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