Game Conferences 2013!


The creation of games is usually a team effort, a work done by a lot of people with individual views on what is best for gaming. Therefore a lot of colourful ideas are up for discussion. The best way to find which one of them is the best is to ask the audience.

The last few weeks we were part of some of the most inspiring game conventions such as develop in Brighton (UK), Eurogamer in London and Konsoll in Bergen, Norway. Our target was to get valuable feedback about the current state of the gameplay and mechanics of OverCast. We gained much more than that, having the opportunity to meet and discuss with many talented people and share our beliefs and ambitions towards creating fulfilling games.  At develop conference we had the chance to present our OverCast concept idea with basic gameplay. The discussions we had about mechanics and lore helped us solidify OverCast’s working prototype. At Eurogamer expo we presented the aforementioned prototype and were thrilled to see a big audience participating in our player vs. player/ team versus team level. The players’ feedback was invaluable. The audience’s positive remarks and enjoyment renewed our resolve to proceed with the creation of the best possible competitive experience. Last but not least at Konsoll game developers conference we had the opportunity to connect with the vibrant indie game community of Norway, learn a lot about the business of making games and gain valuable knowledge in the areas we were lacking.

The whole experience helped us regroup and focus even more on our core targets.

We are extremely thankful to all the people who spent time during these events to speak about or play OverCast, thus helping us in our quest to deliver a highly entertaining competitive multiplayer game. We appreciate your support greatly!

Check out some of the zesty photos we got!

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