Eurogamer Excitement!


Hey all, this week’s blog post is all about Eurogamer Expo 2013 (London, UK) and our participation in it.

In Eurogamer’s homepage, visitors can read: “The UK’s biggest and best games show! This year’s Expo will be filled to bursting point with playable versions of the most anticipated games for this Christmas and beyond. We also welcome the world’s leading game designers who will present their latest work directly to attendees in our dedicated auditorium. Plus we have tournaments, competitions, indie games, a retro zone, the Games Industry Fair, cosplay and more.”

Indeed we are absolutely excited to be part of this huge games event! The sheer volume of jubilation that can be felt in such an impressive games show, impelled us to give our best.

As developers, we learned to enjoy much more the technical details of a game (we actually revere in them), to appreciate much more the discreet game mechanics that procure memorable experiences and much more the creative process that drive us to forge video games. Although to be a game developer can kill the joy of gaming, we are still pure fans of it. Even better, the combination of the aforementioned roles provided us with incentive to work really hard during the previous weeks, in order to have a bug-free multiplayer game built version of OverCast.

After all, just as we cannot wait to enjoy a lot of playable demos, similarly we want to provide a demo that will delight the audience of Eurogamer Expo 2013.

We have been constantly motivated by the thought of people who will want to try our game. To that end, if you are one of the lucky people that acquired a ticket for the Eurogamer Expo 2013 (London, UK) come and visit us and enjoy playing OverCast!

As we are all Kingston University Alumni we have been fortunate enough to be able to display OverCast in their booth at this year’s Games Industry Fair.

Character forging!

Discussing what we wanted our game to be, we reached the point where we had to design character-creation.


Although we decided to keep our prototype as simple and clean as possible, we felt that it also should be meaningful, that players should be able to empathise with their avatars, so we made plans for the final version of the game. For example, on character creation players will be able to select a background for their character (noble, mercenary, farmhand etc.) flavouring their play style and immersion. When players create a team, they will be able to set their team colour and shape, creating their own Team Emblem. Furthermore, they can upload an image to act as their banner.  These colours will not only be visible on each team member while in a game. The selected banners will proudly hang around each level, clearly marking each team’s territory. We are also planning on adding a customizable trophy room for each player which will contain trophies they earned from their epic battles. The players can show of their trophies via inspection. Moreover, a guild hall/conclave tower will be included for conclave (guild) members to customize and flaunt in front of both friends and competition. Another system we have planned is achievements, rewarded through winning of tournaments and ranked matches. We will also keep a detailed record of players’ statistics (for example accuracy) to further enrich the experience and establish a deeper connection between players and their avatars.

For the time being however, as we are in the process of polishing the prototype, character creation means colourful  flags and team colourswhich we feel still act efficiently in declaring each team’s nature, character and goals.

Stay with us, as next week we will share with you the video we have prepared for our Eurogamer Expo 2013 participation!